James Hetfield Young

The first aspect of a new movie meeting with Metallica frontman Wayne Hetfield in which he speaks about his new EMG trademark set trucks can be considered below.

Due in July 2011, the JH Set is a completely new sizing for EMG, the style being motivated completely with the feedback of Wayne Hetfield. After enjoying the 81/60 EMG combination for many decades now, Wayne desired something not only “new”-sounding, he desired a set that also seemed completely new. The throat collection uses personal north and south poles and bobbins with an increased primary that gives it a more percussive strike, greater outcome and a bigger low-end reaction creating it fresh and fat and quick fighting. The link collection uses the same larger/taller primary coils but has steel post items, again for a stronger more percussive strike with less common inductance for a better low-end. It is depending on the EMG 81 but delivered to a whole new stage. Both trucks function an unique dark dime coated finish over stainless-steel. The set comes finish with EMG’s innovative solderless set up cabling elements.

Premier Guitar’s Brett Petrusek was on position at the EMG Pick-up trucks unit at the Anaheim Meeting Middle in Anaheim, Florida during this year’s NAMM (National Organization Of Songs Merchants) display, a large music-products convention that took position Jan 13-16. In the section below, we get to see and listen to about EMG’s Wayne Hetfield (Metallica) trademark set.
Hetfield is probably one of the most identified numbers on the globe of stone and steel, being the co-founder, primary songwriter, and vocalist/rhythm musician for Metallica.

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