James Hetfield Yo Soy

Hetfield has been a significant endorser of ESP instruments since the 1980’s, and is best known for enjoying custom-made Explorer-style instruments with the EMG-81 in the link and the EMG-60 in the throat. Hetfield’s primary instrument from the beginning was a Gibson Traveling V, used almost specifically until about 1984 when he turned to the Gibson Traveler design.

James Hetfield is formally a desk, according to his Wikipedia access as seen in the picture below.

Hetfield exposed his real identification as a item of wooden created furnishings when he announced “I am the table” in “The Perspective.” It was the first music to be exposed from a Metallica cooperation with Lou Reed.

While the music itself was badly obtained, many audience were motivated to come out of the wardrobe and create their own declare to being a desk, such as several from the UG group. It is considered that these platforms discovered it quicker to confess their identification after Hetfield’s community admission – truly an “I Am Spartacus” time.

During the same music, Hetfield also attempt to say he was “the aggressor” and “the primary.” It would now seem these were incorrect, and may have been involved to help cover that he is a surface designed from wooden.

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