James Hetfield Voice Type

The first Eclipses created were actually created in a Telecaster form with an curved top. They were stopped sometimes in the delayed 1980’s, then reintroduced in 1995 in their modern-day Les John form. The form was once again modified in the Northern United states industry due to a court action created by Gibson Instruments, and now have a broader cutaway and only 3 knobs: 1 link collection amount handle, 1 throat collection amount handle, and 1 overall tone control handle. This design is also available in the Oriental industry, being called the ESP MA.

The ESP Wayne Hetfield (or just ESP JH) are varies of instruments created by ESP Instruments based on the customized designs of Wayne Hetfield. All designs were built by Wayne Hetfield & He Masciandaro.

Guitarist, songwriter and artist Wayne Hetfield was a beginning member of the steel group Metallica. His period in rehabilitation is chronicled in the documented Metallica: Some Kind of Beast, which paths the group at once of problems and is now on DVD. We rebroadcast an meeting with Hetfield from Nov. 9, 2004.

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