James Hetfield Vocal Range

ESP began the EX Sequence with designs such as the EX-100 and the EX-102 among others. In 2003, those designs were stopped and the EX-351 and EX-50 were presented. The EX-351 was stopped in 2004 when the EX-400, EX-400BD, and the EX-260 were presented. The EX-400BD was stopped in 2007, therefore the EX-400, EX-260, and EX-50 are the only EX designs currently created by ESP in the LTD development range. The stopped designs are still marketed on the internet or in some instrument stores that still have them in inventory.

The EX series began as the EXP series (often known as ESP Explorer), which presented a style exactly like the Gibson Traveler, with the same curved sides and headstock form. The only variations were the EMG trucks and the product that created the instrument. Soon after Gibson’s choice to sue ESP, ESP stopped the EXP series and began the EX series, presenting a different style with more indicated sides and headstock form, to prevent any court action.

James Hetfield is probably the most well known customer of the EXP series, which he has been using since the delayed 1980’s. He further made popular the series with his famous “EET FUK” EXP and his customized ESP JH-2, a dark EXP with precious stone plating. His devices contains many especially designed instruments that bear much resemblance to the unique ESP EXP instruments in looks as well as requirements. The most latest example (though with a few modifications to system and headstock design) is the ESP JH Snakebyte, which was created available to the community along with an LTD design in summer time 2011.

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