James Hetfield Vocal Cords

ESP Surpass is an instrument design allocated by ESP.

There are many different modifications of the Surpass, such as the Eclipse-I, Eclipse-I CTM, Eclipse-I CTM (full thickness), Eclipse-II, (USA)Eclipse-II, and Surpass Customized. ESP also makes several designs under its LTD product that are based on the Surpass. These consist of the EC-1000, EC-401, EC-330, EC-256, EC-200, EC-100, and EC-50.

The Surpass is a strong system, single cutaway, 24.75 inches range instrument identical in form to a Gibson Les John although the system of the Surpass is considerably slimmer and less heavy. Common functions are Mahogany system, set throat, 24.75″ range, EMG trucks (typically the EMG 81/60 combo), 3-way toggle, TonePros securing link and tailpiece, and securing the tuners. Some designs come prepared with Seymour Duncan trucks and there are a wide range of completes. Some of the reduced level LTD EC designs have different components. The EC-200, EC-100, and EC-50 have a different system form. And the EC-100 and EC-50 have bolt-on throat.

The (USA)Eclipse-II (just known as the Eclipse-II in the US), Surpass Customized, and the LTD EC range all function two amount, one overall tone control, and a broader cutaway with a smaller reduced horn. The Eclipse-I and Eclipse-II (outside US) functions two overall tone and two amount manages, and a longer “Les John style” horn. There is also a full-thickness edition of the Eclipse-I which has a system size of 55mm. In the U. s. Declares only the Eclipse-II and Surpass Customized along with the LTD EC range are available.

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