James Hetfield Urban Dictionary

This instrument is FLAWLESS. I’ve had it since delayed Sept, and its now Apr. I’ve done a few reveals with it, and have had ZERO issues. The EMG’s along with the Mahogany system and throat create this a very obvious appearing instrument. It manages extreme down-tuning very well which is excellent for me, but also appears to be awesome in 1/2 phase down. Definitely value EVERY money invested. A sensible financial commitment for anyone.

This instrument is Some Type of Beast, I have possessed it for about 2 several weeks now. It has awesome low end and shouting peaks. But the trucks consist of an 9 voltage power supply for like 2000 enjoying time. Don’t know if you people would like it. My past Les John design guidelines and this one does too. You should completely get it if you want that Hetfield audio.

Hetfield realized what he was doing when he had this dog designed! Now, I own the ESP design, NOT the LTD. However, I be familiar with similarly advantages of the LTD. It all comes down to what you’re using it for. A critical artist, who creates their breads off of songs, needs the ESP design. A wardrobe headbanger will get by dutifully with the LTD. This factor churns distortions and is strong and shiny. Excellent job ESP. Now, get the Traveler issue sorted out so we may appreciate that axe again!

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