James Hetfield Unforgiven 2

The Wayne Hetfield Snakebyte is coiled and ready to hit. The customized EX system an all-mahogany and throat development, dark guitar fretboard with 22 extra-jumbo frets, and venomous EMG effective humbuckers. The steel logo headstock and guitar fretboard reptile inlay notify all who strategy to take gently or be contaminated from an extremely large chew. It has a set-neck development at 24.75″ range, with a mahogany system and throat, and an dark fingerboard with 22 XJ frets. The Snakebyte comes with a lot of high-end elements, such as ESP securing the tuners, ESP straplocks, a Tonepros securing bridge/tailpiece, and EMG JH Het Set effective trucks.

The JH Wayne Hetfield Humbucker Set is a completely new sizing for EMG, the design being motivated completely with the feedback of Wayne Hetfield. After enjoying the 81/60 EMG combination for many years now Wayne desired something not only “new” appearing, he desired a set that also seemed completely new.

The throat collection uses individual clay north and south poles and bobbins with an increased primary that gives it a more percussive hit, higher outcome and a bigger low-end reaction making it clean & fat and fast fighting.

The link collection uses the same larger/taller primary coils but has steel post items, again for a stronger more percussive hit with less common inductance for a better low-end,. Based of the EMG 81 but delivered to a whole new level.

Both trucks function an unique Dark Dime coated complete and come complete with EMG’s innovative solderless set up cabling elements.

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