James Hetfield Underrated

We really like referring to Lady Mustaine, and his many insane rants, so much so that we now have a whole area on the weblog to discuss it. Now that Mustaine has created serenity with his former bandmates in Metallica, he’s ceased discussing crap about them. On the opposite, he keeps speaking with the media about a message he created to Wayne and Lars about beginning a supergroup presenting the three of them and Megadeth bassist Bob Ellefson on fish sounds. He can’t closed up about it, and it’s too bad because in a new meeting, Wayne Hetfield just desires he would quit referring to it.

In an clip from the future 30 birthday version of Metallica’s “So What” journal, Wayne Hetfield was questioned and mentioned reconnecting with Mustaine and how he desires Mustaine would understand how to keep his oral cavity closed sometimes:

“I think especially with Lady, with all of his battles,” says the frontman. “I see him better now. I see him as less of a nasty guy.

“But I do see a lot of things in the media with him referring to performing with us and creating an record. All this other insane things.

“I study it and say to myself, ‘Hold on. This is the Lady that we type of desired to ignore about. You know, the big oral cavity that wants to just go-go-go.’

“But there is an validity about him when he talks. He does not think too much before he does. He just goes off the cuff. Plus, when he says things that it’s well-intended.”

At least the Metallica guys are getting it all in pace. They could have just been like, ok that’s it, Dave’s cut off, but they recognize it’s just Lady being Lady. Now, I’m sure Mustaine will be questioned in a few times and say the media is ruining everything out of percentage, so keep updated in for that!

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