James Hetfield This Outlaw Bit

This is another well designed instrument from ESP. The LTD design is no frustration and is well value it’s price. The combination mahogany system and throat make a wealthy thunderous audio. Fresh – this instrument has a sharp obvious overall tone with a dense feature. When forcing through distortion/overdrive – it provides a dense and obvious overall tone.The manufacturer installation was ideal and performed like a desire right out of the box.Definitely value it!

Ok, all I can say is, WOW! This instrument is incredible! Beast maintain, many impact and even hetfeild configurations which are amazing! This is obvious when i wnat it obvious, when on distortions, the information gets better. This instrument is a MONSTER! The paintjob looks awesome, so does the point that the toggle change on top is non-active, but don’t fear, you still got the one on the end which is all you need! The EMGs on this factor are just EPIC! I suggest this instrument for anyone who knows what a actual instrument should be!

I performed this instrument at my regional songs shop, and I have to say that this is a fantastic instrument. Its incredibly relaxed to perform, and its a lot slimmer than the Gibson Les Pauls which I usually don’t like.The audio is awesome – the EMGs are very awesome.Of course this instrument looks excellent too, so everyone who can manage one, and likes to perform difficult stone or steel, should buy this instrument.

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