James Hetfield Strings

Metallica frontman Wayne Hetfield sat down with Jose Mangin of SiriusXM and Headbanger’s Football behind the scenes before the ancient Big Four display last 30 days to discuss a variety of ‘Tallica subjects. The subjects varied from the show’s soundcheck (he known as the venue’s audio “crispy and fat”) to the lengthy run of Big Four Reveals (“It’s done what it needs to do for now”) to ‘Lulu,’ the band’s new album/project with Lou Reed, which he declares is “not celebration stone.” Hetfield also distributed the fascinating returning tale on our gal Lu!

But first, about the extension of the Big Four, if any? Hetfield was non-committal about the future opportunities and he did indicate that the trip is set to relax. For now. He said, “Never say never, but its run its course, in European countries and with the two shows on the shorelines. Its done what it needs to do for now and we can go our individual methods, do our collections, do our factors. Who knows what happens in the future? It could be the Big 10 eventually! There is no restrictions. But this has been a boost. This might be the last one for at least a little while.”

Hetfield also distributed information about who the titular personality of ‘Lulu’ is, saying that Reed came to the desk with all the lines published depending on a delayed Nineteenth century perform. Lulu is “a alarm who finishes up being person’s damage. Everyone drops in really like with her and she has no respect and no spirit. She is soulless, out to celebration. She is doing what she wants, and is out to crack some minds and hearts, but she is very fascinating.” He also said the record records a worldwide feelings, revealing, “The sensation of being in really like with something so much that you have missing yourself…It’s a very mature idea.”

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