James Hetfield Solo

The Wayne Hetfield Snakebyte is coiled and prepared to hit. The customized EX system an all-mahogany and throat development, dark guitar fretboard with 22 extra-jumbo frets, and venomous EMG effective humbuckers. The steel logo headstock and guitar fretboard reptile inlay notify all who strategy to take gently or be contaminated from an incredibly large chew. It has a set-neck development at 24.75″ range, with a mahogany system and throat, and an dark fingerboard with 22 XJ frets. The Snakebyte comes with a lot of high-end elements, such as ESP securing the tuners, ESP straplocks, a Tonepros securing bridge/tailpiece, and EMG JH Het Set effective trucks.

The audio and overall tone of this instrument is awesome. As far as it being “heavy” or “Bulky” its not. I had 2 Fitzgibbons Kelly felix instruments and the snakebyte in my view is far quicker to keep, perform, and generally have fun with. The worry panel is pretty quick and again the overall tone it provides is really really reasonable. I perform a variety of Stone – Heavy Stone – Primary Metal – Medieval and Symphonic Rock/Metal. There is no problems with this instrument when I perform any category all-though it does fit best with Metal and Symphonic Hard Stone.

Awesome guitar! only problem was it designed a pressure break in the throat combined after a few several weeks. Just aesthetic, in the obvious cover and barley recognizable. From what i study online, this was typical and occurred to a lot of people. I keep it in the situation and took ideal care of it and it still designed. Other than that, the overall tone is awesome, dogs are awesome, and seems well healthy for its size!

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