James Hetfield Rig

After Metallica frontman Wayne Hetfield lately known as Megadeth frontman Lady Mustaine a ‘big mouth’ for openly revealing that he’d like to type a Metallica / Megadeth supergroup, Mustaine has now apologized to Hetfield, appealing that he’ll never discuss of the topic again.

Following his unpleasant quit from Metallica in the ’80s, Mustaine had a historical feud with his former group. All events seemed to have repaired factors up with the sequence of latest ‘Big 4′ reveals that saw Metallica and Megadeth discussing a invoice with Slayer and Anthrax. Actually, Mustaine signed up with Metallica onstage in Dec 2011 during one of their 30 birthday reveals in San Francisco.

The excellent emotions led Mustaine to announce that he’d like to type a supergroup with Hetfield, Metallica percussionist Lars Ulrich and Megadeth bassist Lady Ellefson. However, in a latest meeting, Hetfield recommended that Mustaine has a ‘big mouth’ and that all that discuss a supergroup was ‘crazy.’

After seeing Hetfield’s feedback, Mustaine texted the Metallica frontman to say sorry, informing Artist Information in videos clip interview: “I already sent [James] a word and said I apologized to him for saying that and that I will not ever discuss it again … I think my whole factor was I just desired them to know that I liked them and that I skipped them and I experienced enjoying with them. If that is not common, then I comprehend. I still regard him, and I still proper value the guy. If he does not want to perform [with me] any longer, that is awesome. If he does not like the concept of what I said, that is OK, too. It was not like I said it was going to occur, it was something that I type of desired would occur. But you know, it’s OK now, since it does not seem like it’s going to occur. And you know what?! It’s off my pail record.”

Mustaine also confesses that creating his wish for a supergroup community was a mistake: “The factor is that I probably should not have said factors that, ’cause, I think, to some individuals, they may think that I’m trying to use that as a way to get advertising, so I can see where there would be some emotions about it, and that was not my objective.”

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