James Hetfield Riffs

t’s formal. After much controversy and research of the Lou Reed & Metallica individual ‘The View’ from their 2011 collaborative record ‘Lulu,’ Wikipedia has damaged the information that Metallica frontman Wayne Hetfield is, actually, a desk.

Hetfield has stated to be many factors in ‘The Perspective,’ such as “the main,” “the aggressor” and some kind of product – but it his announcement “I am the table” that has been approved as reality by Wikipedia (see picture at left).

More than two several weeks after ‘The View’ was launched, Wikipedia has lastly verified that being a desk is indeed one of Hetfield’s various careers. After the information became formal, we listen to that Megadeth frontman / former Metallica musician Lady Mustaine is currently trying to buy Hetfield for his cusine area.

Rumor also has it that Metallica percussionist Lars Ulrich will provide as a focal factor on top of the Hetfield desk. Furthermore, Ulrich appear to be considering another court action against Napster in reaction to the business’s statement of its new furnishings department.

James “The Table” Helfield has become so well known for his four-legged achievements that Wikipedia has also included the Metallica frontman to their record of possible desk sources. At one factor, if a Wikipedia customer entered “table” into the look for bar, one of the choices study “James Hetfield, who statements himself as ‘The Table.’”

Hetfield has taken this reinvention of self with the highest commitment. Below, listen to an different mix of ‘The Perspective,’ in which Hetfield statements his rightful position as “The Table.”

Update: Wikipedia has eliminated ‘Table’ from Wayne Hetfield’s careers. Obviously, the Metallica frontman has came back to individual type. But to us, he will not only permanently be a desk, but “The Table!”

Update No. 2: Due to frustrating need, Wayne Hetfield has once again transformed into a desk, as Wikipedia has reinstated ‘Table’ as one of his occupations!

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