James Hetfield Republican

During Mastodon‘s set at the Portugal’s Stone in Lisboa Event last 30 days, there was one audience participant who trapped out from the relax.

Fully prepared with Metallica merch and a Hallow’s eve cover up over his experience, the audience participant joined the sporting musical technology evening while swaying to Mastodon’s defeat.

However, due to nearer examination from lovers, the hidden fan was allegedly none other than Metallica frontman Wayne Hetfield.

Set to perform the festival later into the evening, the hidden Hetfield was looking at Mastodon’s May 25 set while being monitored by protection. An eyewitness consideration as well as images of the hidden man was published on 9gag, where the tale was informed in full:So, during Mastodon at Stone in Rio, into the reptile pit comes a guy completely wearing metallica outfits, hoddie over the go, safety gloves in arms (with that heat!) and a cover up.

To add everything up, there was a protection guy (not from the venue’s security) at the entry of the pit, ALWAYS looking at him. To top it off, Mark came in and clicked a few images of him. Wayne was right behind me.

Most of the individuals in the pit did not observe it, but the ones around him did. Nobody created a hassle about it, we let the man rock out, but we KNEW, and he knew we we’re on to him. Actually, he elbowed this buddy twice in a row, despite the truth she was not too near to him. Elbowed her once, she did not care, elbowed her twice, she looks returning and he’s all comfortable, just viewing the display.He desired us to get noticable him.

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