James Hetfield Racist

Wayne Hetfield gives an upgrade on the position of the next Metallica history and shows what lovers can anticipate from their first ever Orion Songs + More Occasion, which occurs this few days (June 23 – 24) in Ocean Town, N.J.

Metallica have been referring to their next history for approximately a season now. They took a detour to be the home group for Lou Reed’s super rod for complaint, ‘Lulu,’ but easily came back the concentrate to their own upcoming. The group has been discussing with ‘Death Magnetic’ manufacturer John Rubin about helming their next history, for which there is no obvious time-table at this factor. “You tell me. I do not know,” Hetfield informs Philadelphia.com of their Tenth facilities history. “We’re composing here and there, traveling, doing the festival factor. I’m awaiting creating the next history. But I do not know when.”

The “festival thing” Hetfield known as was likely the first journey of their different Orion Songs + More Occasion, set to take over Ocean Town this few days. So why exactly is Metallica getting into the festival business? “First of all, because we can,” Hetfield claims. “Why would not you? We’re just trying to carry a little more of a mix to what is going on. I think the Eurpean people are able to look at a festival more as a meeting than ‘my preferred group is enjoying.’ We’re not actually trying to recreate that in the Declares, but we’d like to carry a little flavor of that here.”

The amazingly different collection was chosen by Metallica, so normally Hetfield is awaiting participating the display as a fan and not just a entertainer. “There’s the insane girl [Grace Perry, singer] in Area My own Race, or Baroness, or Jim Breuer doing his funny,” Hetfield exclaims of the functions he’s thrilled to see. “Then, there are a lot of steel groups that we’ve performed with or other things we appreciate. Taking once life [Tendencies], Sepultura, the Blade. I’m going through this stage enjoying this group known as Spider. There is Flash light, Red Fang, Kyng…”

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