James Hetfield – Qi

Metallica musician Wayne Hetfield has created his group’s events “more family-friendly” since becoming a dad.
The steel musician has ripped down his terminology when the team perform stay for the benefit of his son and children – San diego Tee, 12, Castor, 10 and Marcella, eight – in particular leaving out their protect of punk rock music ‘So What’, which is scattered with expletives, from their set.

James, 47, informed Australia TV display The 7pm Project: “Since I’ve had children the show’s become more family-friendly as far as the terminology goes.
“We haven’t performed ‘So What’ in a while – there are too many terms that just aren’t right. My children observed them all, but I don’t need to market them.”

‘The Day That Never Comes’ musician also said he keeps an eye on what music son purchases on the internet, and said he’s grateful he is following in his musician father’s actions.
James added: “Now and then I get an e-mail from iTunes saying, ‘Here’s what your son bought’. He likes the Ramones, AC/DC, the Red Hot Soup Sweet peppers right now. He purchases some Metallica things – I saw ‘I Disappear’, ‘Unforgiven’ and ‘Enter Sandman’ on there.

“He actually purchased them. I’m like, ‘Dude, how are you going to pay for these?'”
Metallica have lately finished their globe trip in assistance of last record ‘Death Magnetic’.

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