James Hetfield Politics

Programs for said musical technology tasks from each team participant stay speculative; however, each participant of Metallica has declared preliminary plans for what exactly is in shop for them musically in the arriving several weeks.

Hetfield, undoubtedly motivated by his onstage gathering with former Metallica musician, Lady Mustaine, has indicated wish to begin a new team with the Megadeth frontman. Leaving comments on this, Lady Mustaine says, “I’ll have to think about it.” No term yet on who would complete the fish sounds and drum spots. Hetfield has confessed to having a powerful regard for keyboardist from Kids of Bodom, which could be a probability.

Lars Ulrich, when requested what he intends to do, indicated wishes to work together with Marylin Manson. “I’ve been attracted more to the creative part of steel – with a guy like Manson, I think I’ll be pleased attractively. We’ve gotten together a few periods and tossed some concepts around.”

Bassist John Trujillo has released some rather undiplomatic claims, contacting Lars a “tool” and Hetfield a “control nut.” Trujillo intentions of arriving back to his past team, Taking once life Propensities.

This information comes as a shock to lovers desperate to listen to the adhere to up to their 2008 return-to-form record, “Death Attractive.” Although the ill-fated record with the Purple velvety Underground’s Lou Reed seemed to foreshadow a mid-life problems for the steel leaders.

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