James Hetfield Pics

Metallica frontman Wayne Hetfield hit out at associates of the press photography lovers in Uruguay over Xmas, purportedly tossing rocks at the snappers after they did not keep his travelling family members alone.

The musician was getting a crack with his spouse Francesca and their children in the Punta Del Este area of the nation when he purportedly missing his mood with regional photography lovers tailing him as he took a motorbike drive with his 11-year-old son Castor.

Hopping off the automobile to encounter the press photography lovers, he traded terms with the snappers and then showed up to choose up items of pebbles and began tossing it in their route.

Metallica will work on a 3D show film.
The ‘Enter Sandman’ steel group are in the “very beginning of production” for the self-financed film, predicted to be launched in summer time next season.

The group said: “There is indeed a 3D venture in the very beginning of production! We wish we could tell you more, but we don’t have all the better factors nailed down just yet.”

Drummer Lars Ulrich added: “We usually pay for these factors ourselves. The instant you take a person’s money, you have to consider their views. And that’s no fun.”

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