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Metallica have launched a new EP, ‘Beyond Magnetic’, in party of their 30 birthday celebration.
The ‘Enter Sandman’ steel group famous their milestone birthday celebration with four reveals in their home town, San Francisco, the other day, where they revealed a formerly unreleased new music each evening.

The music, ‘Hate Train’, ‘Just a Topic Away’, ‘Hell and Back’ and ‘Rebel of Babylon’, were documented during classes for the team’s last record, ‘Death Magnetic’, in 2008.

A declaration on the team’s website read: “Last weeks time we famous our 30 birthday celebration by enjoying four night time at the ancient Fillmore in San Francisco . . . It was quite the party each and every night!
“Whether or not you were there, you may be familiar with that we included some unreleased paths from the ‘Death Magnetic’ classes.

“This weeks time, we’re launching those four paths. They are the difficult blends, incomplete to their unique level of combining from Goal of 2008.”

Metallica’s four San Francisco reveals saw associates Wayne Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich and John Trujillo play unique places comprising their entire profession and signed up with on level by a variety of unique visitors such as associates of Dark Sabbath, Judas Clergyman and Trust No More as well as the team’s unique musician, Lady Mustaine, of Megadeth.

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