James Hetfield Pancakes

Metallica shut the second day of Obtain event last night (09.06.12).
The famous ‘Master of Puppets’ team conducted a two-hour set which integrated a performance of their whole famous self named record – known to lovers as ‘The Dark Album’ – at the event, organised in Adventure Donington in England’s Midlands.
The team took to the level with one of their first ever music, ‘Hit The Lights’ before enjoying ‘For Whom The Gong Tolls’, Expert Of Puppets’ and new monitor ‘To Terrible and Back’.
The team – Wayne Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and John Trujillo – then left the level and a short movie presented ‘The Dark Album’, which has marketed almost 30 thousand duplicates and continues to be the group’s most acknowledged work.
Metallica then came back and conducted the record in its whole, operating through the tracklisting in reverse, beginning with ‘Struggle Within’, and major up to large single men and women ‘Sad But True’ and ‘Enter Sandman’.
During the set, Wayne discussed to the viewers about the ”Metallica family” and how satisfied they were to be doing at Donington recreation area for the 7th period in their record.
The team then revisited their returning catalog for their encore, enjoying ‘Battery’
and ‘Seek And Destroy’.
Earlier in the day artists involved Intense D, Dark Veil Wedding brides, Turbowolf, Turbonegro, Biffy Clyro and funny rocking chairs Steel Panther.
Away from the primary level, local team Lostalone attracted a large viewers to the Red Fluff Bed room Jam Stage. The team has lately mentioned what an honor they sensed it was to play at Obtain, which famous its 10th year this year.
Singer Steven Batelle said: ”The before we conducted Obtain was when Metal First were headlining, a team I have started up adoring and now it’s Metallica, another powerhouse of metal. It’s a best part for us.”
Download event carries on these days (10.06.12) where Dark Sabbath – presenting unique associates Ozzy Osbourne, Tony morrison Iommi and Geezer Servant – will title the primary level.

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