James Hetfield On Sobriety

In 2000, Metallica took law suit against the peer-to-peer computer file discussing web page, Napster. With Dr. Dre becoming a participant of Metallica in the battle against Napster, over 230,000 of its customers were gradually prohibited. Napster gradually registered for bankruptcy in 2002.

In 2001, Newsted remaining Metallica, following a argument with Hetfield over Newsted seeking to market his side-project, Echobrain. Over the next two years, filmmakers documented video that would become the documented Some Type Of Beast. In the documented, the group employed a specialist to help them to get over their issues. John Trujillo, ex-member of Taking once life Propensities, became Newsted’s alternative.

St. Rage, launched in 2003, was another number one for Metallica. The headline monitor gained the group a Grammy Prize. With Ulrich hurried to medical center during the Obtain Event in 2004, he was changed by Slayer’s Lady Lombardo, Slipknot’s Joey Jordison and their drum technical, Flemming Larsen. In 2005, the group started out for The Moving Rocks for two reveals.

Metallica’s next facilities record, Loss of life Attractive, was scheduled for launch in Sept 2008, this time with John Rubin on development responsibilities. Their first activities of music from the record were at the 2008 Leeds Event.

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