James Hetfield On Fire

On this day in 1963, James Hetfield was created. Many decades later, he would become the frontman of the most famous steel team around, Metallica. We admire you, Dad Het, and all your efforts to the steel landscape. Despite what you think of Metallica’s later outcome, there is no doubting that their previously perform affected many performers and revealed a new bulkier songs to pimply teenagers everywhere. Hetfield was bathed with dessert and celebration post at Metallica’s display yesterday in South america Town, where they are currently in the middle of a sold-out run of reveals examining their new level installation which will gradually be used for their $20 most important 3D film.

Metallica compensated honor to Natural Day after changing them as headliners at the Voodoo Event in New Orleans this few days.
Metallica compensated honor to Natural Day after changing them at a festival.
The steel team walked in for the ‘Oh Love’ punk rock team at the Voodoo Event in New Orleans, after they terminated all approaching schedules due to frontman Carrie Joe Armstrong’s continuous rehabilitation.

Two songs into their set, Metallica musician Wayne Hetfield informed the crowd: ”We! Are! Natural Day! – Except a little taller!”
He later added: ”You’re expecting Natural Day are going to appear, right? So am I. They’re getting help. They’re getting it categorized out. The globe needs them.”

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