James Hetfield Live

When you’re prepared to rock, the ESP LTD EX104 fish appears to be guitar provides noisy, edgy overall tone. The basswood bodies big, angular lines yell steel with power and style. Let your fingertips split over the EX’s high fast, 22 extra-jumbo frets on a rosewood guitar fretboard and slim fish appears to be U-shaped walnut neck. The TB-4 tune-o-matic link not only keeps you well intonated, but provides lovely maintain.

The EX104 Electric Bass is packed with 2 ESP SB-4 trucks and an ESP ABQ2 active 2-band EQ. These trucks merge with the resonating body to provide all the impact and retaining overall tone you can imagine. The shine complete and firefox components are stage light prepared.

This is my first fish appears to be and it is amazing. The overall tone is excellent, the trucks are excellent, and it is comfortable to play. The only bad factor is that it can be hard to get around with it because of the shape, so it will probably get damaged a bit. But overall this is a fantastic fish appears to be and I would suggest it to anyone.

I’ve been playing fish appears to be for a year. I have performed Fender and Ibanez basses but this fish appears to be is my favorite. The trucks are excellent, it appears to be excellent, everything performs ideal, it looks evil. It’s just all around a excellent fish appears to be and the best you can buy for your money. If your looking for a excellent fish appears to be at a bargain price, buy this one.The only factor about this fish appears to be I did not like was the worry hype it had when I first got it. But with an modification of the truss rod, it performs ideal.

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