James Hetfield Lincoln

The ESP LTD EX104 is a excellent beginner?s Fish sounds that will last a gamer a while. I tried other instrument brands in shop (including the AX-54 & AX-104) before I purchased this one and discovered it to evaluate with the more costly designs on the holder. The audio is excellent and powerful with a awesome quality to it while the guitar?s audio is quickly customized using results pedals and amp results. It really is proof of the ESP LTD range and their capability to make a awesome instrument with a affordable cost tag.I purchased the ESP LTD EX104 in a producer enclosed box with the post nearly in track and an ideal, shiny glow to the complete. This instrument is something I can ?abuse and lb hard? when I required to.

I changed the post with D’Addario EXL230 Large Lengthy Fish sounds Strings and reduced the activity as low as I could without resulting in hype on the difficult picking: The ESP LTD EX104 has designed a exclusive, sharp audio when using fingertips on the post.On the downside: Like any instrument the maker desires the maker post to be misused a bit in the shop, so substitute them as soon as you get it. I have also had some issue getting a situation to fit: only an ESP situation designed for it will fit the uncommon ?Z design? form of the ESP LTD EX104, and ESP has been creating their situations so near to dimension that some come too small/tight for the instrument (loose producer tolerances?).Because of the uncommon form resulting in me issues to get a appropriate situation I provided the functions a 4.5. Ranking the ESP LTD EX104 as a newbies instrument in the low-end cost variety, I can provide it 5.0 overall.

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