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With the likes of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Slim Lizzy providing motivation, Wayne quickly set about the task of becoming a rock star in his first group, Attraction. Made up of the Veloz bros on fish appears to be and percussion, with Jim Arnold on instrument, lots of your energy and energy was spent in the Veloz’s garage area performing with Ron McGoveny and Lady Marrs performing as roadies. McGovney therefore walked in together with Marrs and Hetfield when the Veloz bros metamorphose ended.

After moving to Snac, Florida, Wayne joined Snac Olinda High University and met up with percussionist Jim Mulligan. The two stuffed at lunchtime break frightening other guitar players with their noisy and heavy appears to be before a guy called Hugh Tanner was seen carrying around part of a traveling V instrument in college. Phantom Master was born with Hugh on instrument, Mulligan on percussion and Wayne performing plus playing instrument. The group went through a few fish appears to be players until graduating when Wayne shifted returning to Downey.

Back in Downey, Wayne shifted into a house owned by Ron McGovney’s parents that was scheduled for demolition due to an expressway development. It was the perfect place for Wayne and Ron to accident, practice and jam. Wayne discussed Ron into taking up fish appears to be, Phantom Master was no more and the third group under Hetfield’s authority.

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