James Hetfield Kirk Hammett

ESP presented its Xtone range, starting with the semi-hollow Critical Sequence. In 2005, ESP popular its 30 Birthday and launched Wayne Hetfield’s “Truckster” into its Trademark Sequence. In 2006, ESP presented 22 of its latest Trademark Sequence and Conventional Sequence designs at Winter weather NAMM 2006. The Conventional Sequence designs involved such popular designs as the ESP LTD EC-500 and the ESP LTD B-500. Among the signature performers presenting their latest ESP designs and deciding upon athletes at the ESP unit were Lady Mustaine, Henry Lynch, Stephen Contractor, Eileen Wilton and Page Hamilton.

In 1996, ESP started a new product, LTD. The LTD instruments are just like the lower-end ESP instruments, but are cheaper and provide mainly for marketplaces outside of Asia. The 1000 series LTDs are created on an set up range in The philipines whereas the 401 series and below are created in Philippines. The LTD series are created out of less expensive components and usually use less expensive components than the more elegant ESP designs. The Customized Store and Unique Sequence ESPs are hand made in Asia while the Conventional Sequence ESPs are created in the ESP manufacturer in Asia.

Additionally, ESP has two individual Japan-only collections of guitars: the Grassroots (lower end), and Edwards (Mid-range). The Grassroots instruments are produced in The philipines and are comparative or better than Sub-400 series LTDs and can be regarded a price range. The Edwards instruments on the other hand are produced in Asia, and feature identical components and sessions as their higher-end ESP alternatives, but are not hand made. With regards to quality contrary to the USA collections (i.e. ESP Conventional & LTD), Edwards instruments usually lie in between the more upmarket LTDs and ESP Requirements.

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