James Hetfield Kill Bon Jovi

ESP’s equipment overall take care of a number of gamers. There are a extensive variety of styles such as superstrat-styled equipment, Les Paul-styled equipment, Traveling V-styled, Star-styled, and others. As ESP officially has two collections, one for USA and Asia, there are minor differences: the ESP USA Range does not have equipment such as the Strat-like Camera, Woodlands GT, and as well as some of the Japoneses stone specialist styles. Their customized line however, has been known to generate some of the most uncommon styles such as a Gundam Beam-rifle imitation instrument, as well as the “ESP Machinegun” used, by the Japoneses group Alfee.

ESP does not only generate equipment, but they also generate areas such as ESP Laboratories Trucks, the ESP Sparkle tremolo, sustainers, equalizers, etc however, these are mainly for OEM use and not available to the customer.

ESP discovered popularity by offering equipment for instrument gamers who went on to become major exponents of thrash steel songs in the 1980’s, along with Fitzgibbons Guitars and Dean Guitars, such as Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth. As a result of these recommendations, ESP has become one of the most well-known providers of equipment for steel songs. ESP equipment are recommended by performers numbering in the thousands. A finish list of them can be discovered on the Performers area of ESP Guitars’ website.

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