James Hetfield Ugly

This device is great! I have had it for a little over a year. The trucks audio excellent, and it is less heavy than a les john. The image does not do its rights, the device looks much better in person. The higher toggle change in non-active, which is a little unusual, but other than that, this device stones. I most definately suggest choosing one up!This device is amazing! Real Hetfield configurations, from the link, to the throat, and all the way back to the feedback port. If you like Metallica, you’ll love this device. Although the Traveler design would be a MUCH more appropriate sig sequence device for Hetfield, this device still represents his gameplay.

The experienced beat musician front side man of Metallica, Wayne has gotten an assault of steel destruction for over 25 years and his ESP and LTD trademark instruments have was standing at the leading edge with him.

From the exclusive Truckster to the extremely Restricted Version Metal Mix to the All New 2011 Snakebyte, ESP and Wayne Hetfield have been symbolic of steel device.

Available in limited amounts during 2009 only, the ESP Wayne Hetfield Signature Metal Mix is currently presented on Metallica’s Loss of life Attractive World Trip. Thoughtful attempt has gone into re-creating every nuance of James’ exclusive device, while including some new functions to make a truly exclusive trademark ESP device.

The Metal Mix is similar to the device that Wayne actually performs and functions a troubled complete and components, and even has use on the throat and guitar fretboard. The Metal Mix has a set-maple throat on a mahogany/maple body that is printed with EMG effective trucks to give all the excellent overall tone and maintain you could ever want. This is a very threatening device that will not be available for long.

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