James Hetfield Iron Cross Les Paul

The instrument was in ideal set up, no faults what so ever. Only factor I would recommend is to modify the post peices in your trucks according to what you want, wether it be the way the manufacturer created it, sleek n heated, or awesome n crispy.I’ve had the instrument for round 5 several weeks now & I have no issues, it’s very resilient, reliable. Also the group pegs are very strong, I spent in group hair just in case, I would not want any harm to come to my child u know. I don’t have a group to gig with yet, but I would definitely use this as my primary instrument. I would never do a display without a back-up instrument because no issue how kickass your instrument may be, theres always the likelihood of somebody tampering with it, or a shitty street team or anything.

I perform steel and destroy, mentioned above. The instrument was a ideal go with for it, the audio, the design, everything. I’ve been enjoying for 1 season now, yes it’s incredible but I can destroy. I own a few Dunlop pedals and instrument slot, but going to buy more components gradually. I wish I had a tremolo program on it. But I can cope without having it. I would definitely buy the same product (ESP), but update to a greater version/higher excellent of the EX sequence.

I perform 99% Metallica songs and I perform our own genuine ones which are all steel, and this axe is excellent for this category of music! I have a Criminal GS-100R and I just lately purchased a Brown Marquis sequence facilities amp which has over 30 amp designs on it such as many different kinds of Marshalls. This instrument and my amplifiers go excellent with all of them. I would say that this instrument is for large stone or steel only because it places out such a “chunky” and “heavy” beat audio. It would audio even better though if I put in EMG trucks.

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