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I perform steel, and this instrument is created for that category. I’ve been enjoying for 3 decades, and I also own a Washburn WR120 and a Bad Dog amp. If it were thieved I would probably buy it again, but I’m not sure, I might get the ESP MH-100. I really like the system design, and along with. The only factor I dislike is that you can’t add a floyd to it. My preferred function is the link, it’s actual nice-looking and you can modify it’s size. I didn’t really evaluate it to other items, when I saw it, I liked it. I just wish it had floyd.

The EX-50 I got a few several weeks ago has been just awesome to me. It’s a ’05 design, only manufacturer created but god bless that factory! An agathis system, rosewood guitar fretboard, ESP humbuckers. For the cost I got an awesome overall tone, a little bit of tampering with the post peices on the trucks & it was ideal. Awesome thin throat that suits completely into my side, and its so quick, the activity it was set to is ideal. Tune-O-Matic link, dark components etc. As opposed to a lot of instruments the overall tone handle actually created a big distinction based on how I had it set, wether it be a great heated, sleek single audio, or a fat large beat audio. Overall I think this instrument is awesome, and for only $350 individuals, like c’mon ESP is ruining us with this instrument.

This instrument completely matches me, I perform a lot of my own content which is affected by everything from AC/DC to Megadeth, to the Red Hot Soup Sweet peppers, even some ZZ Top. I perform it through a DigiTech Grunge your pedal, and a Marshall MG sequence amp. It requires great obtain pretty well, this babys a squeal device. Its fresh overall tone is just wow, & it seems to only get better with some distortions, very obvious and complete.

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