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For the steel that I perform, this instrument is ideal. I have only been enjoying for about 10 several weeks, but I really like it to pieces. If this instrument was thieved, I’d have no remorse about purchasing another one. It performs excellent, it appears to be excellent, and, most of all, looks excellent. My preferred function is probably the smooth and quiet activity of the collection change. It’s smooth. I in comparison this with other instruments in my cost variety. From the ESP AX-50 to the Squire Strat (I was never going to buy the Strat, I dislike them). I select this instrument because it seemed better, performed better, and seemed hemorrhoids more attractive to me than the other designs. I wish it had some low-budget EMGs, and maybe a kill-off change, but aside from that, this instrument is ideal for thrash and steel.

I have used this instrument stay once, and it resided up to the task quickly. It performed excellent, and seemed amazing. The components is designed to last, and doesn’t seem reduce in the least. The band control buttons don’t experience like they’ll move an inches, ever. They’re incredibly well designed, and I really like how this instrument seems while enjoying status up. I’d very quickly rely on this instrument stay. There’s no need for a back-up when this instrument is designed so well. The complete on the EX-50 is so dense and wealthy, I don’t think that it will ever come off. It’s almost as if the whole factor is dark, even the wooden used to create it.

I got a product new EX-50 2005 for Xmas, not sure where it was created. It’s got 22 XJ frets and a Walnut throat with a Rosewood fingerboard. It’s got a solid-top. Walnut throat and Agathis System. It’s got a Titanium complete a Z-type body. The link is a Tune-O-Matic with a quit tailpiece. EMG 81/60 effective gadgets. It’s got amount overall tone and a 3-way toggle. The trucks are ESP LH-100’s. Grover the tuners. No accesories.

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