James Hetfield Guitar Picks

This instrument is really fantastic for steel songs and shouldn’t be neglected if someone is looking to get into instrument or is looking for a low cost instrument. I’ve been enjoying for about a season and a 50 percent, I own a ESP LTD V-401DX as well along with a Line6 PODX3 + Examine III amp. If it occurred to be missing or thieved, I would buy it again because this instrument has been really, really fantastic for me. I really like the steel form of it, I really like how the throat seems, and overall I really like how it performs for it’s cost. This can be in comparison to let’s say, an F-50 or and AX-50. I selected this one because the complete is strong and that shapekicks ass. The only factor I wish this instrument had was 24 frets but it’s not too big a cope. If you’re looking for a low cost instrument that performs f–kin fantastic, then you won’t be dissapointed with the EX-50!

It suits my songs completely especially with Metallica’s “One”. If you don’t know they used a ESP Traveler in the vid. It has a fantastic meltdown audio especially with a Peavey Multiple X Extremely. It’s excellent with fall D, wah-wah, and obviously large distortions. You get some sequence hype sometimes. Oh and the harmonics are fairly sic with this instrument.

I perform steel songs only and it suits me ideal. The distinct like sides of it’s Traveler system. I’ve been enjoying for 2 decades now and this instrument by far is better than my Traveling V and Stratocaster. I waish I waould have requested what wooden it’s system has because agathis is inexpensive wooden. I would buy it again if it were thieved, definetly. I really like the system style, the trucks and the experience of the frets because my fingertips are relaxed on them. I in comparison it to a Gibson Traveler but I said if Metallica had an ESP then I think they’re better. What I wish it had was a benefit link, but I just turned the link with my Stratocatser to provide it the benefit.

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