James Hetfield Chopper

Wayne Hetfield was created from Virgil Hetfield (a vehicle driver) and Cynthia Hetfield (an safari singer). They were serious enthusiasts to the Religious Technology trust. At an beginning age he was enclosed by many types of musical technology things. His two mature step-brothers performed a wide range of different equipment made up of percussion, device and grand piano. At first Wayne tried the grand piano but as soon as he grabbed an device, he was connected. Hes said “When I was young I had an device, a tune type factor, and I would listen to Sabbath, and Aerosmith and those people perform so good but I just flailed up and down on the rattling factor. I was always asking Why don’t i audio like those people yet!?! but I liked the instrument” He would also put his mature step-brother’s Dark Sabbath information when he went to higher education and would get captured when he came back.

He mentioned his main impact as Aerosmith, which motivated him to perform device. Among other impacts are Dark Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Slim Lizzy, and King. When he was 15, his mom passed away of melanoma and being of the Religious Technology trust, they did not search for any medical help. In secondary school he established his first group, Attraction, consisting of the Veloz bros on fish sounds and percussion, Jim Arnold on device, and Hetfield on cause words, the group invested a lot of time in the Veloz brothers’ garage area performing, with Ron McGovney and Lady Marrs performing as roadies. Marrs and McGovney therefore signed up with the group itself when the Veloz bros stop. After a few more groups like Phantom Master and Set Appeal, Hetfield gradually required another percussionist. Danish percussionist, Lars Ulrich, published an ad in the local information document looking for a group to jam with on NWoBHM music. Wayne, in his passion to get a group began, responded to his ad.

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