ESP LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross SW

You can’t deny the sweet looks and epic tone of the ESP LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross SW signature guitar! This axe captures the angst of Metallica’s legendary frontman, with Iron Cross artwork and custom inlays. And it’s got the sound to match the looks, with a hot pair of EMG JH humbuckers that are ready to make your amplifier roar. We’ve helped rock guitarists achieve aggressive tones here at Sweetwater for decades, and we can easily say the ESP LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross SW signature guitar is primed for impressive performance.

ESP LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross SW Signature Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:

  • Audacious tonal tenacity from EMG JH signature humbucking pickups
  • Designed for furious fretwork
  • You’re ready to rock with ESP LTD

Audacious tonal tenacity from EMG JH signature humbucking pickups

James Hetfield requested a set of sleek-looking active pickups from EMG with the clarity and punch of passive pickups while still retaining the classic EMG character, and they delivered with the JH “Het” Set you’ll find on the LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross SW Signature guitar. The neck pickup used ceramic pole pieces for a fuller attack, higher output, and beefier low end. The bridge pickup uses steel pole pieces for a tighter attack and cleaner lows. Between the two, you’ve got a world of tone to explore with the ESP LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross SW Signature.

ESP LTD James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross Electric Guitar

The ESP LTD James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross Electric Guitar is designed to the meet the performance demands of its namesake. It features a mahogany body with a maple top, distinctive graphics and set-neck construction. The mahogany neck has a thin U-shape profile and smooth ebony fretboard. Black hardware is used throughout, including the TonePros tune-o-matic bridge and LTD locking tuners. A JH signature set of EMG humbuckers provides all the killer tones that metal players seek.

James Hetfield Long Hair

Okay so I’ve desired an traveler fish sounds for decades. One day I occur to go by a regional songs store to get some post and out of the area of my eye I see the fish sounds I’ve been looking for. Effective Trucks, 3-band EQ, Shred-Friendly throat, and all that with looks that destroy. It was really like at first vision. I performed it for 30 minutes and just had to have it. I was operating through a low quality exercise amp with no results and it still seemed amazing! Then I saw the cost tag and was even more stunned. I’m not one to go out and buy something on reaction but this was too excellent to be true! I purchased it right then and there and have been using it at every group exercise and display I’ve performed since. But like all equipment, it still has its faults. I’ve possessed it for previous times 5-6 several weeks and here’s what I’ve noticed:-I’ve been looking everywhere and it’s next to difficult to discover any kind of situation for it -Like most equipment with an uncomfortable form, they processor really simple if you’re not cautious (especially since it’s so nearly difficult to discover a case!)-If you haven’t already spent in band hair, get some. If you don’t it’s nearly difficult to perform status up-Recently it’s beginning to go out of track really bad. I’ll perform for like 10 minutes and it’s badly smooth. I’m going to take it in but I can almost assurance you it needs new the tuners. Easy fix but annoying none the less. Other than that this fish sounds is strong and well value the money!

Well I have possessed this fish sounds for quite a while now and its the best device I’ve performed arms down. The 3 group EQ will immediately change from a floor-rumbling levels to a ear shouting peaks and everything in between! The only factor I sensed that wasn’t so excellent was the worry hype when I first got it, but changing the activity will get rid of it. This fish sounds is fantastic for just about any kind of stone, the peaks are strong like the levels. This is a great fish sounds of option to whoever digs both performance and level existence.

James Hetfield Lincoln

The ESP LTD EX104 is a excellent beginner?s Fish sounds that will last a gamer a while. I tried other instrument brands in shop (including the AX-54 & AX-104) before I purchased this one and discovered it to evaluate with the more costly designs on the holder. The audio is excellent and powerful with a awesome quality to it while the guitar?s audio is quickly customized using results pedals and amp results. It really is proof of the ESP LTD range and their capability to make a awesome instrument with a affordable cost tag.I purchased the ESP LTD EX104 in a producer enclosed box with the post nearly in track and an ideal, shiny glow to the complete. This instrument is something I can ?abuse and lb hard? when I required to.

I changed the post with D’Addario EXL230 Large Lengthy Fish sounds Strings and reduced the activity as low as I could without resulting in hype on the difficult picking: The ESP LTD EX104 has designed a exclusive, sharp audio when using fingertips on the post.On the downside: Like any instrument the maker desires the maker post to be misused a bit in the shop, so substitute them as soon as you get it. I have also had some issue getting a situation to fit: only an ESP situation designed for it will fit the uncommon ?Z design? form of the ESP LTD EX104, and ESP has been creating their situations so near to dimension that some come too small/tight for the instrument (loose producer tolerances?).Because of the uncommon form resulting in me issues to get a appropriate situation I provided the functions a 4.5. Ranking the ESP LTD EX104 as a newbies instrument in the low-end cost variety, I can provide it 5.0 overall.

James Hetfield Leaves Metallica

Like organizations like Ibanez and Fitzgibbons, ESP was recommended by Difficult Stone and Steel performers as well. ESP designed collections of instruments with an agressive experience which created them attractive to agressive styles. ESP had the capability to shift out of these styles too. The Surpass Sequence is an example of a ESP instrument that was more bassed towards a more substitute rock experience or even doldrums. ESP is still best known for its Steel performers.

I’ve been enjoying fish sounds for about 4 decades and have performed on a fender fish sounds whole time. So it came a chance to buy a new one I desired a modify, I purchased this fish sounds and it is a whole lot better then my fender. It has a further overall tone and performs excellent. It’s a little large but nothing to get proved helpful up about.

First off, just look at the cost tag. I was preserving up for a Rickenbacker 4003 and informed my sibling, “the only way my next fish sounds isn’t a rickenbacker is if ESP comes out with an traveler fish sounds.” Next factor you know it’s two several weeks later, I see that ESP has a new fish sounds. It was the EX-104 and I instantly requested it and there was no frustration when it revealed up on my entrance phase. I’m in a thrash metal group that performs fairly often and this factor has yet to fall short me. I perform it through a “crappy” Behringer 4×10 with a 450 w go, but I couldn’t ask for a better audio even through a CRAPPY Behringer 1×15 I obtained from a other artist and you can get any overall tone you want from a Songs Man to a P fish sounds to a J fish sounds to whatever you’re looking for. This factor is awesome, especially for such a low cost.

James Hetfield Layouts

In 1975 Hisatake Shibuya started out a store for changing instrument areas in Seattle Asia. His store was known as Power Audio Items. He became a reliable name in alternative areas. 1976 started ESP’s first collections of instruments with the ESP sequence and Gps Series. These instruments circualated around the Japanesse industry. In 1983 ESP was first presented to the U.S. ESP alternative areas distributed the U.S with much achievements and ESP started creating customized designs for performers in the New You are able to area. Such performers involved Bruce Kulick of Hug and Ron Wooden of The Moving Rocks. In 1985 ESP launched the 400 sequence into the U.S industry as the first ESP range over ocean. in 1986 Henry Lynch found ESP and gradually had them develop him a customized and from there ESP took off.

In this year they designed the M1 sequence, Skyline Traditions, M1 Traditions, and the Surveyor Fish sounds Series. In 1989 ESP launched Lynches customized design as their first trademark sequence. ESP HQ was then recognized in New You are able to near 48th road. It was also around this time that ESP started creating instruments for Metallica musician Kirk Hammett. In 1992 ESP extended, discontinueing its customized areas business to focus on Guitars, Basses and the Custom Shop. At the beginning 1990’s ESP had over 41 Signature sequence. In 1993 ESP shifted its HQ to Los Angelos and then to The show biz industry. In 1996 LTD was designed to produce ESP’s Top excellent instruments at a cheaper speed and excellent. ESP then stopped promoting its great end Flag-ship designs in the usa due to delivery expenses and rather started forcing its Signature sequence.(In the beginning 2000’s ESP started delivery these highend instruments to the declares again at very great prices).

In 2002 ESP was the songs sectors quickest increasing organization. This achievements was due mostly to Bumpers acquistion of Fitzgibbons who was the biggest opponent to ESP in the 1980’s and 1990’s. When Fitzgibbons was boughtout many of their performers shifted over to ESP. Some performers who remaining Fitzgibbons for ESP consist of Lady Mustaine- Megadeth and Alexi Laiho. ESP Released another effective range in 2005 and remains one of the most effective instrument organizations these days.

James Hetfield Live

When you’re prepared to rock, the ESP LTD EX104 fish appears to be guitar provides noisy, edgy overall tone. The basswood bodies big, angular lines yell steel with power and style. Let your fingertips split over the EX’s high fast, 22 extra-jumbo frets on a rosewood guitar fretboard and slim fish appears to be U-shaped walnut neck. The TB-4 tune-o-matic link not only keeps you well intonated, but provides lovely maintain.

The EX104 Electric Bass is packed with 2 ESP SB-4 trucks and an ESP ABQ2 active 2-band EQ. These trucks merge with the resonating body to provide all the impact and retaining overall tone you can imagine. The shine complete and firefox components are stage light prepared.

This is my first fish appears to be and it is amazing. The overall tone is excellent, the trucks are excellent, and it is comfortable to play. The only bad factor is that it can be hard to get around with it because of the shape, so it will probably get damaged a bit. But overall this is a fantastic fish appears to be and I would suggest it to anyone.

I’ve been playing fish appears to be for a year. I have performed Fender and Ibanez basses but this fish appears to be is my favorite. The trucks are excellent, it appears to be excellent, everything performs ideal, it looks evil. It’s just all around a excellent fish appears to be and the best you can buy for your money. If your looking for a excellent fish appears to be at a bargain price, buy this one.The only factor about this fish appears to be I did not like was the worry hype it had when I first got it. But with an modification of the truss rod, it performs ideal.

James Hetfield Kurt Cobain

The ESP Specialist, or Trademark sequence instruments are generally created in greater quantities variations supporting artists individual instruments and basses. The excellent of the ESP Artist/Signature designs lie between Navigator/Custom Store, and the ESP Unique sequence.

Also, you can find the Edwards, Grassroots and LTD artist designs, and such artist designs lie in the higher-end sections of the specific collections of instruments and basses.

They are all dependant on the conventional ESP EXP serie and were created or supervised by He Masciandaro. Meanwhile the EXP serie has been changed by the ESP EX conventional serie which has a distinct finishes and headstock instead of the old EXP serie which was just like theshape of the Gibson Travellers.

The distinction between the EXP design and James’ Explorers:
In distinction between James’ Travellers and the conventional ESP EXP serie, Wayne instruments have set-necks (glued joint) instead of having bolt-on throat. Aside from the “Black Record,” guitars’ fingerboards involve dark instead of rosewood.

The human is consisting of mahogany, the throat of walnut and the fingerboard (with its 22XJ frets) of rosewood. All components (the tune-o-matic link, the quit item and tuners) is dark. It has only one amount management for each collection.

James Hetfield Kid Rock

Reliant of focus on audience (i.e. Asia, US, Europe) and product (ESP, LTD or Xtone), various designs are structured in marketing sequence.

The ESP Unique sequence moreover has three other collections of Instruments, Edwards, Grassroots and Gps and are mostly based on these designs as well as some ESP Conventional sequence Models. ESP Edwards Series generates mid-to-high range guitars, at a excellent near the ESP Conventional sequence, while ESP Lawn Origins Series provide towards a more value-oriented section of the industry and are more similar to the 200s sequence of LTDs, however this differs. The ESP Gps Series on the other hand is a range which generates replications. of Gibson and Fender guitars and basses.

ESP USA generates the ESP Conventional range, as well as the lower end LTD, and Xtone sequence, and the latter two collections of guitars are approximately based on these designs. ESP USA’s standard sequence usually serves more towards to steel gamers, with features such as effective trucks common.

ESP also take care of customized instrument and fish sounds purchases, made to the requirements of the client, and the excellent of such customized guitars surpass that of the Unique sequence. Such guitars may be requested from ESP USA, but they are created in Asia. Generally customized order guitars cost as much, or even more than Navigators based on the options of the client and are regarded to take care of the top-end section. There is versatility with the purchases, as the guitars created do not have to be based on current collections of guitars and basses.

James Hetfield Kill Bon Jovi

ESP’s equipment overall take care of a number of gamers. There are a extensive variety of styles such as superstrat-styled equipment, Les Paul-styled equipment, Traveling V-styled, Star-styled, and others. As ESP officially has two collections, one for USA and Asia, there are minor differences: the ESP USA Range does not have equipment such as the Strat-like Camera, Woodlands GT, and as well as some of the Japoneses stone specialist styles. Their customized line however, has been known to generate some of the most uncommon styles such as a Gundam Beam-rifle imitation instrument, as well as the “ESP Machinegun” used, by the Japoneses group Alfee.

ESP does not only generate equipment, but they also generate areas such as ESP Laboratories Trucks, the ESP Sparkle tremolo, sustainers, equalizers, etc however, these are mainly for OEM use and not available to the customer.

ESP discovered popularity by offering equipment for instrument gamers who went on to become major exponents of thrash steel songs in the 1980’s, along with Fitzgibbons Guitars and Dean Guitars, such as Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth. As a result of these recommendations, ESP has become one of the most well-known providers of equipment for steel songs. ESP equipment are recommended by performers numbering in the thousands. A finish list of them can be discovered on the Performers area of ESP Guitars’ website.